Some reviews include samples of tracks which you will need the free realplayer to listen to.

Odyssey - Nextgen
Aural Imbalance - Aural Soundscapes
Third Rail - Silent Hill
Blame - Destiny
Indica - Bypass
Future Engineers - Momentum
Odyssey - Untitled
KMC / Rantoul - System / Too High
PHD - Haze / Contrast
Bid Bud - State of Mind / Transmission
Future Engineers - Timeshift / Components
Cedar / Biowire - Equinox / Karizma
Artemis - Fairlight / Desert Traveller

Blu Mar Ten - Everglades EP

Pariah - Catalyst (Re-edit) / The Arrival

Alaska + Paradox - Planet3 / Space-age

Axis - Euphony / High Point

Seba - Valley of the Moomins / Car Crash

LTJ Bukem w/ MC Conrad & DRS - Progression Sessions 3

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Until then be sure to check out the following recommendations:

Aural Imbalance - Aural Soundscapes (Blame's Rework) / Evolver (720)
Monnchild - View of Life / Streams (LGR)
Makoto - Enterprise / Sweet Changes (GLR)

Two Revolutions (720)
Secret Operations: Case One (Secret Operations)
Big Bud - Infinity + Infinity (Good Looking)
The Lords of Svek - Galaxy (Svek)
Spoony - Twice as Nice in Ayia Napa (React)



  Odyssey - Nextgen (720 plate)
reviewed by Blame
(copyright Atmosphere Magazine)
  This is Odyssey taking his techno background to the fullest. Taken from the forthcoming 720 LP, Nextgen is a technical track fusing analogue stabs with on point drums. The pad sections seem to levitate over transparent beats cuts. Odyssey's trademark tight prodution is present as usual, making this one to watch out for.

  Aural Imbalance - Aural Soundscapes (720 plate)
reviewed by Blame
(copyright Atmosphere Magazine)
  This whole track, for me, revolves heavily around the Titanium snare that cuts through the groove with menace! Angelic choir-pads take the beats to a deeper level while the acid and 808 bass lines slam on top of the mix. The 6th Dan beat chops set this debut release up nicely from the Torquay-based producer.

  Third Rail - Silent Hill (plate)
reviewed by Blame
(copyright Atmosphere Magazine)
  Third Rail's introduction has been storming up the USA. Chunky drums and serious pads set the mood for a heavy bass drop and Battlestar Galactica techno style action! Watch out for more from Third Rail, soon to be emerging.

  Blame - Destiny (Good Looking plate)
reviewed by Blame
(copyright Atmosphere Magazine)
  I played this track in the states on our recent Progression Sessions tour. A lot of people came up to me asking if it was a new Alpha 7 remix. Destiny is a actually the track that Alpha 7 emerged from. Friends have described the drum roll sections as though they have smashed around a pinball machine and then been put back into the sampler! I don't know about that, but check it out anyway - forthcoming from my next EP on GLR.

  Indica - Bypass (720 plate)
reviewed by Blame
(copyright Atmosphere Magazine)
  Indica aka Daryl Maffey is another new artist emerging on my label. Bypass is alegendary debut track boasting a fierce driving breakbeat, African sounding pan flutes and technoid basses. This track is a guaranteed floor filler, smashing it everywhere it goes - again, forthcoming on the 720 LP.

  Future Engineers - Momentum (720 plate)
reviewed by Blame
(copyright Atmosphere Magazine)
  Classy hi-pass filters set off the introduction to this piece. All is revealed when a ripping bassline emerges out of the mist through the breakdown. Eerie atmospherics, acid drop keyboard effects and clinical production from Scotland's finest makes Momentum one of my favorite tracks so far this year.

  Odyssey - Untitled (720 plate)
reviewed by Blame
(copyright Atmosphere Magazine)
  Odyssey flicks to the other sid of d&b with this sleazy jazz number. Building on the time-signature idea, a 3/4 groove sets the scene - opening the door for some retro, 80's Tom Jones synth lick sections (well, maybe not quite Tom Jones!). This is a perfect track for the bedroom heads but I have also seen it smash up unsuspecting dancefloors - worldwide. Be warned.

Good Looking Records
  PHD - Haze / Contrast (GLR 033)
reviewed by Method One

PHD presents two new bits with nary an amen in sight. "Haze" is a mellow tune with an almost electro-jazz feel, featuring plenty of flutes and deep pads. The beats are very minimal in a very Justice-esque way. The music is great, but i wish the beats had more energy; as it is, it's a little too laid back for my tastes. The flipside, "Contrast", is my favorite of the two tracks, with a nice growly analog/808 bassline and multiple layers of synths, flutes and saxaphones. Very very nice, indeed. Grade: B+

Good Looking Records



  KMC / Rantoul - System / Too High (LGR 023)
reviewed by Method One

I was always under the impression that System would never get released, but here it is. Unfortunately, by now it sounds a little dated - the musical elements are wonderful, but the minimal beats could use some beefing up (then again, i say this about almost every KMC release). Nontheless, a very pretty tune that is a worthwile addition to the arsenal. The flipside, Too High by Rantoul, is a nice little techno-inspired piece that sounds a little like Deep Blue with more layers and atmospheric elements. If you like your breakbeats with a real drum machine programmed feel, you will want this tune. Grade: B+

Good Looking Records
  Bid Bud - State of Mind / Transmission (GLR 032)
reviewed by Casper

Causing mayhem on the dancefloor, State of Mind features a rough overdub bassline with excellent amen stabs. The breakdown is superb with female moans and filtered synths. Transmission is a moody departure from the usual Big Bud sound. Haunting voices and chopped up rhodes create the vibe. Excellent! Grade: A

Good Looking Records


  Future Engineers - Timeshift / Components (LGR 022)
reviewed by Casper

Timeshift is a nice roller for the early morning. The minimal yet choppy breaks are very laid back and are joined with sublime sweeping synths and a continuous hook. Components, with its uplifting summer vibe, is my pick. Two-step beats drive this one which has an excellent and soulful vocoder voice which are later added to with a flute sounding instrument. Lee & Keir showing their more funky side. I really like this one. Grade: A-

Good Looking Records
  Cedar / Biowire - Equinox / Karizma (GLR 031)
reviewed by Casper

Originally debuted on Bukem's first Progression Sessions mix cd, these are two class tracks. Biowire's Karizma features some nicely cut apache along with a jazzy bassline and horn stabs which change nicely. Definite one for the dancefloor. Equinox by Cedar is more on the atmospheric side of things. A simple, yet effective, tune with sorrowful chords and a wicked bassline that drops nicely. Must have. Grade: A-

  Artemis - Fairlight / Desert Traveller (LGR 021)
reviewed by Casper
  Desert Traveller is aptly named. This track takes you on a journey with a nice live bassline, shufflin beats, and mystic sounds. Guaranteed to grow on you after your first listen. The flipside, Fairlight, is just as good. You really get a taste of Artemis's musical abilities on this one. Simply a gorgeous tune with lovely chords that build and just make your mind wander. A must for your summer time listening pleasure. Grade: A-

Good Looking Records



  Blu Mar Ten - Everglades EP (GLR EP004)
reviewed by Casper

The North London duo known as Blu Mar Ten debuted less than three years ago. In that short period of time they have racked up too many classic after classic. Add their new double 12" on GLR to the list! This EP sounds like nothing else coming out at the moment and might take a few listens before the pure genius and originality behind it is to be comprehended. The title track, Everglades starts off with some wicked machine noises before sweeping pads, organic sounds, and innovative jazz-flavored beats come in. Oh yeah its in 7/4 signature so have fun mixing! Void-Field is an excellent track with a plethora of ever-changing sounds and highly complex breaks. Santur, featured on Progression Sessions 3, is the most dance floor friendly track on the EP and features a catchy jazz bassline and a plethora of "world" sounds. The last track Blush is almost devoid of any beats whatsoever. Absolutely gorgeous guitars and saxes form the foundation of this symphony. Definitely seek this EP out as its limited to 5,000 copies! Grade: A+


  Pariah - Catalyst (Re-edit) / The Arrival (720 008)
reviewed by Casper
  It's been a few months since the last release on Blame's label. These two minimal tracks don't disappoint. The Arrival is a futuristic and somewhat dark track that is built around some creative machine-sounding breaks and analog synths. Catalyst is more on the uplifting side and begins with a catchy riff that is subtly joined by some nice pads and typical Blame "swooshes". It's a shame they didn't vary the main riff a bit. Nonetheless this is an excellent laid back roller. Grade: A-

Good Looking Records
  Alaska + Paradox - Planet3 / Space-age (GLR 030)
reviewed by Casper
  Dev Pandya, who produces under a slew of different pseudonyms, deilvers this solid effort that is harder than your typical GLR release. Space-age is a nice roller with minimal atmospherics and some very complex and varied beats. Flip it over and you have a monster of a track in Planet3. A raw and very rough sounding amen is accompanied by haunting pads and female wails and "do it again" vocals. Not until halfway through does a nasty sub-bass come in. When it does, watch out for mayhem on the dancefloor! Grade: B+

  Axis - Euphony / High Point (LGR 020)
reviewed by Casper
  Well, well, well. Almost three years after appearing on Bukem's infamous Ministry of Sound mix CD, Euphony finally gets its proper release. While this one sounds a bit dated by today's production standards, it's nonetheless a classic track that should still rock the dancefloor with its mighty amen. The AA-side, High Point, unfortunately shows its age even more. This jazzy piano track starts off nicely before a horribly antiquated break comes in and ruins it for me. A shame this one wasn't released in a more timely manner. Still I would pick this one up for "Euphony" alone. Grade: B

Good Looking Records
  Seba - Valley of the Moomins / Car Crash (GLR 029)
reviewed by Casper
  The man from Stockholm returns with yet another wicked release. Valley of the Moomins is a laid back roller with chopped apache beats and a catchy hook that slowly but surely builds layer by layer. One of the best tracks of 1998. The flip, Car Crash, is one of the hardest Good Looking tracks to come out in some time. This one features an amen break that is cut up and filtered like mad. A dark jazz bassline along with eerie synths, Once again the production is second to none. Grade: A+

  LTJ Bukem w/ MC Conrad & DRS - Progression Sessions 3 (GLR PS003)
reviewed by Era

1. Control - Control : I think we all know this one, it's OK.
2. Big Bud - Pure : Nice, but fairly standard roller.
3. Big Bud - State Of Mind : This is more like it. Starts with the same type of drum pattern as the previous track, but then a hypnotising bassline, inventive amen chop and mystical lead riff take it to a new level; quality stuff from Mr O'Reilly.
4. Future Engineers - Time Shift : LTJ picks up the pace now with a wicked roller from Lee & Keir representing the Glasgow sound - there's been one Glasgow track on every Session so far - not bad for a small scene! Bukem's been caning this on plate for ages now. The drums sound a bit thin on this particular plate - I'm sure they're a bit harder than that really.
5. Voyager - Apollo : Floatatious drift expansion which forms the flip-side to the recently released Beatnik. Supremely laidback.
6. Second Vision - The Italian Job : Boring - I never have liked this track, although it seems to be pretty popular. Straight up, slightly phased Amen break with background strings which sound to my ears like those in Shogun's remix of Ken Ishii's track 'Stretch', which was well wicked (and sounded like the theme from The Six Million Dollar Man - or maybe my hearing's just duff !)
7. Blu Mar Ten - Santur : Brilliant. Prospective producers - listen to this track and copy...not the sounds, arrangement or style...but the feeling behind the tracks these guys make, i.e. to try and do something new. For this particular excursion, BMT take some 'world music' type sounds and mix with filter sweeps, sax, piano and breaks to form a sweet blend that sounds like da bomb to me.

8. Big Bud - Transmission : Really like this one. Very deep & melancholy with a music-box sounding riff in the background and some trippy guitar twangs. The only slight black spot is what sounds like a JV1080 synthesised sax patch. Yeugh - very hard to get synth saxes to sound good instead of cheesy; just a pet hate of mine. Otherwise an excellent track.
9. Intense - Solar : Powerful stuff from Intense. Quite hard, steppy break and ominous analog pads / string sweeps. Sounds like they have hung up their 1080 and are playing with the Z1 a bit more these days. Excellent, and not what I expected after the live-jazz excess of Logical 3.
10. Big Bud - Emotionography Remix : Hmmm...can't make up my mind if I like this or not, but I'm certainly a bit fed up with hearing that break.
11. Blu Mar Ten - B.R.O : Luvvly jubbly. Starting with what sounds like a Robert Fripp-esque effected guitarry pad, in come reversed & filtered breaks. I was a wee bit disappointed to hear the raw amen break come in after that. But it's well done & the amazing bassline and many layers of samples just take over and transport you to another dimension. Another winner from the lads.

Overall I think this is a pretty good CD from LTJ. There is a lot of excellent MC'ing throughout, particularly on the 4th & last track where Conrad & DRS really bring up the atmospherics. A big plus is that most of the tracks are thus far unreleased - PS1 & 2 contained a lot of stuff I already had which pissed me off a bit, but I got them anyway :)

The tracks from Big Bud also restored my faith in him, coz he hasn't really done anything recently that I liked and I thought his EP was well below par. Having said that, Bukem is currently caning a Big Bud tune called 'Way of Life' and it is fu*king amazing.