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Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, Casper is the finest purveyor of the more sophisticated side of drum & bass in the US. Ask anyone who has caught one of his epic sets at parties across the country.

Casper, a Chicago/Evanston native, first began DJ-ing house and techno while in high school in the early 90's. By 1992, he had progressed to the sounds of UK hardcore. In 1993, Casper began his studies in Boston. His DJ name grew in stature in both cities. From '95-'97 he was a resident at the legendary Jungle Roots / Sessionz weekly club night. It was here than he fine tuned his skills on the decks while spinning with Timestretch, Overload, and Jason Mouse. While in Chicago during Summer and holidays, he made his mark as a resident on DJ Snuggles' Strictly Jungle radio show. At the end of '97 Casper, having completed his undergraduate studies, returned to Chicago

Today, Casper, widely known for his smooth mixing, is arguably the top atmospheric drum & bass DJ in the US. While continuing to push the atmospheric sound at raves and clubs in Chicago and around the country, he has begun to concentrate on the production side. Recently he teamed up with newcomer and engineer extraordinare Chris J. Together, as Cascade, they have been very busy in the studio (samples up very soon!) and should have a release out in the near future. Stay tuned.

"Casper mellowed it down with his suave and jazzy drum & bass style. MC Rumble toasted the lone-lighter massive and a mesmerized crowd simply swooned. A meek and reserved Casper dropped many new chill and atmospheric tracks with ease. He topped off the night with a couple of dub plates for the dreamy, loitering few that seemed to take it in like it was their last breath. A definite highlight of the night, Casper's set outshined the others, and proved that you could still feel the intensity without overpowering the music." -Review of Legend (12/26/98 - Dallas, TX) in Mixer Magazine, March 1999.

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