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Chris and Leo

Blu Mar Ten interviewed by Casper 10/98

Where are you from? How old are you?   We were both born, and still live in, London. Chris is 25 and Leo is 24.
What are your and Leo's occupations?  

Leo is a press officer at a PR company. Chris is a manager in a marketing company.

How did you and Leo meet up?  

We were introduced through a mutual friend 'Pollyparrot'.


How did you get into electronic music?

  Chris was into early Electro form a very young age. Leo was into more jazzy stuff, but switched on to dance music through London's pirate stations.
What got you into drum and bass specifically?   Getting into drum and bass was just an evolution for both of us, not a concious decsion. We like techno and house etc. But the 4/4 is so oppressive sometimes.
How long have you been producing?   As Blu Mar Ten, almost three years. Leo was writing tracks on his Amiga before that and Chris was playing keyboards, drum machines, etc in a band.
Where is your studio located? What equipment do you use?  

Our studio is in Finsbury Park (North London). The equipment is thus (please don't rob us!!):

EMU E64 with 64mb and 4.1 gig HD sample library
Roland JP8000 (hardly use it)
Yamaha Promix 1 desk
Powermac running cubase VSt
Digitech FX
Behringer ultrafex 2
Waldorf X-pole filter bank

Who are your influences?   Too many and too wide to list. Basically whoever we're sampling at the moment.
How would you describe your sound?  

Not good enough yet. We are very dissatisfied with our sound. The tracks are ok, but they're nothing new, which is what they really need to be. So that's what we're working at the moment.

How did you hook up with Good Looking?   We sent Bukem a dat of a tune and he called us back to say he really liked it. We then decided to throw loads of good tunes at him to keep his attention. It worked, and we got signed to Good Looking.
Who are your mates within the rest of the GLR crew?  

All of them. They're all really sound. We mainly see Intense, Blame and Seba.

What do you think of the current drum and bass scene?   Difficult at the moment. All the different styles are becoming a bit stagnant. It really needs something new to happen, which is what we're trying to do. EVERYONE needs new breaks, that's a fact.

I couldn't agree more. It seems many producers got stuck in this two-step rut. Do you think the deeper style has almost grown totally apart from the rest of drum & bass? Here in the US it gets very little exposure. Although there are a handful of us though trying to get people's interest.

  To be honest I think we've all got stuck in a rut, both camps alike. I'm not sure why we don't get as much exposure in the US. Who knows??

What other producers do you rate?


Drum & Bass - Bukem, Photek, Blame, Seba, Trace, Optical, Johnny L, Bluezone, Robert Graff, and Odyssey.

Non Drum & Bass - Future Sound of London, Jimpster, Basement Jaxx, Rennie Pilgrem, Biosphere, and a lot of Speed Garage and House.

Speed Garage really? Have you made any garage tracks? Ir-On-Ing on Earth 3 is quite housey.   We made a garage track last year and it was a bit of a London anthem. But I can't tell you any more than that!! We're really into making some deep house when we get some more time.
What can we expect from Blu Mar Ten in the future?   An EP in February and another later down the line. We are still looking for quality new material for our label, Deep Structure.
What's the concept behind Deep Structure?   Quality and difference are the only defining parameters for Deep Structure.
Where can people submit DATs to you?  

Material can be sent to:

43 Pangbourne House
Camden Estate
Camden Road
London N7 0BD

What are your other interests outside d&b?   Extortion and mild revolution.
Good luck!   Hey, luck doesn't come into it.
For more information on Blu Mar Ten be sure to check out their web site.

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